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Who we are

Many people who have experienced hearing loss are hesitant to purchase hearing aids. Sometimes it’s because the devices are difficult to obtain, while other times it’s because the hearing aids aren't covered by their insurance and are too expensive to buy out of pocket.

At SoundBright, we believe that everyone who needs hearing aids should be able to obtain them easily. That’s why we provide consumers with the ability to purchase state-of-the-art hearing aids online at a fraction of the price.

Who we are

Our team has decades of experience with hearing care, combining expertise from traditional retail, telehealth, and e-commerce to bring quality, affordable hearing solutions straight to you. We understand just how precious the gift of hearing well is, and want to help support you along your journey.

With our no-risk trial, there’s no reason to delay obtaining hearing aids another minute. If you’re like most of our customers, your only regret will be, “I wish I did this sooner.”

Who we are

Our mission and values

At SoundBright, our mission is to make professional hearing care affordable and easy for everyone because hearing is essential to living your best life — it brings us freedom, youthfulness, happiness, and a feeling of connection to the things that matter most…

  • Effortless conversations with friends and family
  • Enjoying the sounds of nature during a relaxing walk
  • Listening to your favorite band at a concert (even in the back row)
  • Hearing your favorite TV shows & movies
Who we are

Our approach

Our hearing care experts understand and sympathize with individuals who are hesitant to purchase hearing aids because of price or inability to easily obtain devices. Knowing this, we provide an alternative, more convenient method for those who need hearing aids and are either unable to or prefer not to visit an audiologist in person.

Our site offers you the opportunity to browse different types of medical-grade hearing aids from the comfort of their home and obtain personalized payment plan options. Additionally, when purchasing hearing aids on our website, we offer all customers a free Care Call with one of our specialists to ensure the best possible start on your journey toward better hearing.

Who we are

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