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All-day, every day your brain relies on your sense of hearing to keep you aware, informed, and engaged.

With hearing loss, not only is it harder to understand what people are saying, but it can negatively affect your mental sharpness, energy levels, relationships, work, happiness, and overall health.

Hearing loss worldwide

In 2018, the World Health Organization (the “WHO”) estimated that 466 million people worldwide suffered from disabling hearing loss, with millions more affected with moderate hearing loss. Despite its prevalence, as reported by the WHO, only about 17% of individuals with hearing loss own hearing aids.

466 mln

More clarity during the moments that really matter

Our team at SoundBright brings decades of experience across hearing care, combining expertise from traditional retail, telehealth, and e-commerce. We know how to bring quality care straight to you. We understand just how precious the gift of hearing well is, and want to help support you along your journey.

With our no-risk trial, there’s no reason to delay another minute. If you’re like most of our customers, your only regret will be, “I wish I did this sooner.”

Our mission is to make professional hearing care affordable and easy for everyone.

Because hearing is essential to living your best life — it brings us freedom, youthfulness, happiness and a feeling of connection to the things that matter most…

Effortless conversations with friends and family
Enjoying the sounds of nature during a relaxing walk
Listening to your favorite band at a concert
Hearing your favorite TV shows & movies

Our approach

At SoundBright, we understand and sympathize with individuals who are hesitant to purchase hearing aids because of price or inability to easily obtain devices. Knowing this, we provide an alternative, more convenient method for those who need a hearing aid and are either unable to or prefer not to visit an audiologist in person.

Our site offers customers the opportunity to browse different types of medical grade hearing aids online and payment plan options. Additionally, when purchasing a hearing aid on our website, we offer the option for customers to have a free Care Call, during which a licensed hearing professional will guide customers on their journey toward better hearing as well as how to program and care for their devices.

The SoundBright Difference

At SoundBright, our mission is to make professional hearing care affordable and easy for everyone because hearing is essential to living your best life. More than 100,000 happy customers cant be wrong!

Personalized approach

Our hearing technology experts are ready to help! Get advice for your specific situation.

Best-in-class technology

Easily adjust your hearing aid settings from your smartphone through the free apps.

Remarkable sound clarity

Our hearing aids deliver the comfort and clarity you need to experience life to the fullest.

Want to know more about hearing loss and hearing aids?

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