Add a video review

Use your phone or webcam to record a video send it via email to [email protected]

How to record a review?

The recommended duration is 1-5 minutes, but feel free to send a longer one. We recommend the following format for reviewing hearing aids:

  • Introduce yourself by your first name and the state where you live.
  • Show your hearing aids, and mention the approximate purchase date and how long you have used them.
  • In no particular order, here are some questions you might want to address in your review:
    • Why did you decide to buy these particular hearing aids?
    • What were your expectations, and were they met?
    • Do you consider your hearing aids to be a good value for money?
    • Pros and cons – durability, ease of use, comfort, features you like or dislike.
    • Have you had any interactions with our customer service, and is there anything we could do better?
    • Have your hearing aids helped improve your life, and how?
  • Summary and would you recommend this product?
  • What is your overall rating, on the scale of 1 to 5?

We may transcribe your video and edit it for clarity and to fit our standardised format.