Setting up the Signia App

Step-by-step guide to help you configure your hearing aids

  • Downloading the app

    The first thing we must do is connect your hearing aids to the Signia App which is available for
    iPhone or Android phones.

    Follow the video guide below, if you need any assistance:

  • Connecting to the app

    The following video will help you set up your app connection.

  • Using the app

    Here’s how to adjust the volume, sound balance and directional hearing using the app:

  • Show connection troubleshooting advice

    Here are the steps to follow if your hearing aids are not connecting correctly to the app:

    1. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth on and off, then retry the connection
    2. Turn your hearing aids on and off by using the rocker switch (hold down the bottom button for more than 3 seconds). Retry the connection
    3. Insert devices into the charger, and close the charger. Then remove devices from the charger and place them next to the phone to retry connecting
    4. Restart your phone
    5. Uninstall & reinstall the app