Hearing Aid Tips

Better hearing is a journey, not a race. Here are some useful tips to help you get used to your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Tips

How to Introduce More Challenging Sounds

Getting new hearing aids is one of the best investments you can make. The first weeks of getting used to better hearing are exciting and full of possibilities. At this point, you’ve already had a

Hearing Aid Tips

How to Care for Your New Hearing Aids

Getting new hearing aids is exciting! Your devices are going to change your life, improving the way you communicate and experience the world around you. That being said, it’s important to remember that your hearing

Hearing Aid Tips

Hearing Aid Tips for Users and Loved Ones to Improve Communication

The path toward better hearing is an exciting one for both those who have suffered from hearing loss and their loved ones. For device users, there is certainly an acclimation period when first wearing hearing

Hearing Aid Basics

Hearing Aid Do’s and Don’ts

So you recently got your first pair of hearing aids, congrats! Not only has your journey toward better hearing begun, you’re also taking a step toward enjoying a better life. That being said, hearing aids

Hearing Aid Tips

Top 6 Tips to Help You Adjust to New Hearing Aids

Getting hearing aids is exciting! Hearing well is a big part of living well. You’ll notice an improvement right away, and your hearing will continue to get even better the more you use your devices.

Hearing Aid Tips

Affordable Hearing Aids

What makes a hearing aid “affordable”? There’s no way around it; hearing aid prices are high. The obvious answer is a hearing aid is affordable when it fits into your budget. But keep in mind

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