When you start wearing new hearing aids, it’s normal to have a tickling or itching sensation. Your ear canals are very sensitive, so your devices can produce a feeling similar to a feather touching your skin. Like many new sensations, the tickling or itching feeling is only temporary and your body will get used to it as you wear them consistently. It’s important to wear them every day but stick to the recommended wearing schedule to avoid overdoing it. Start by wearing them for a couple of hours a day and gradually increase your wearing time until you’re able to wear them all day by the end of your first month. To learn more about this topic, check out this article, Top 6 Tops to Help You Adjust to New Hearing Aids.

If your ears are very dry or the itching continues, try to use a moisturizer, lubricant or anti-itch cream at the opening of your ear canal at night before bed. Make sure to wipe out the ear canal the next morning before inserting your hearing aids.

Tauno Novek

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 09, 2022

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