Sony CRE-C10 Review

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Sony CRE-C10

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Jane C. on April 11, 2023


Highly recommended

I had been wearing prescription behind-the-ear hearing aids for a long time, but never felt fully happy with them. Despite multiple adjustments made by my audiologist, there wasn’t much improvement. However, these new aids have significantly improved my hearing ability, allowing me to better understand speech. Despite the initial adjustment period, the in-the-canal style works well for me.

One thing to note is that your own voice may sound different when using them, but I have become accustomed to this. I suggest rebooting the app after pairing the hearing aids with your phone, as I had issues with the app until I restarted it.

After using them for a few days, I retook the hearing test and noticed improved results. Unlike my prescription aids, these Sony’s are designed to help me hear better, and I don’t need any added features like Bluetooth streaming.

Overall, I highly recommend the Sony hearing aids for those looking to improve their hearing.

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