Meet the Signia Silk

Meet the Signia Silk

the ultra discreet virtually invisible hearing aids


Virtually invisible

Virtually invisible

Hiding completely in your ear canal, the Signia Silk hearing aids are virtually invisible

Maximum clarity
& all day comfort

The most comfortable in-the-ear hearing aids you will ever wear with unrivaled speech clarity

Signia Silk

Hearing aids fit for any lifestyle

What our customers say

Keith B.
I finally got a quality pair of hearing aids that I could afford!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Keith B.
Sarah R.
So small no one knows I am wearing them!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Sarah R.
Mark S.
Totally comfortable, I forget they are there.
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Mark S.
Jennifer P.
Great price for these tiny hearing aids!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Jennifer P.

Trustpilot Excellent

Hearing aid features

  • Modern super computer
    processes sounds at 3 microseconds
  • Crystal clear sounds
    Provided by our auto-adapt technology
  • Binaural directionality
    to focus on speech, not noise

What you get in the box

  • Signia Silk Hearing Aids Signia Silk hearing aids
  • Click sleeves Click sleeves to fit every ear
  • Size 10 batteries Size 10 batteries
  • Cleaning tools Cleaning brush and cloth
  • Jewel case Carrying case
  • Guides User Guides

Signia app

Signia Assistant

The Signia Assistant is your very own hearing companion to let you stay fully involved in life and hear what matters to you.

Remote control

  • Hearing program and volume control
  • Sound balance adjustment
  • Continous monitoring of the hearing aid’s connection & battery status

Directional hearing

360-degree spatial configurator for individual adjustment of directionality

Easy remote adjustments

Get support from your hearing care professional when you need it - even when you can’t visit them in person

Face mask mode

Helps you understand what people wearing a face mask are saying

Why choose SoundBright

Why choose SoundBright

In hearing care, it’s all about quality

  • Hand-selected devices

    Hand-selected devices

    Best-in-class quality

  • Personalized support

    Personalized support

    Our team will support you along your path toward better hearing

  • Our success program

    Our success program

    Proven recipe to hearing success based on years of experience

  • Life-changing outcomes

    Life-changing outcomes

    Measurable, life-enhancing outcomes for improved quality of life

Change your life for the better!