Getting started with Signia Silk hearing aids

The ultra-discreet, virtually invisible hearing aids

First, lets review what's in the box

Below you will see all the components that come in your box. If you are ever in need of more accessories, please visit our shop.

  • Signia Silk hearing aids
  • Click sleeves
  • Cleaning brush and cloth
  • Size 10 batteries
  • Carrying case
  • User Guides


Connect to the Signia App
  • Downloading the app

    The first thing we must do is connect your hearing aids to the Signia App which is available for
    iPhone or Android phones.

    Follow the video guide below, if you need any assistance:

  • Connecting to the app

    The following video will help you set up your app connection.

  • Using the app

    Here’s how to adjust the volume, sound balance and directional hearing using the app:

  • Show connection troubleshooting advice

    Here are the steps to follow if your hearing aids are not connecting correctly to the app:

    1. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth on and off, then retry the connection
    2. Turn your hearing aids on and off by using the rocker switch (hold down the bottom button for more than 3 seconds). Retry the connection
    3. Insert devices into the charger, and close the charger. Then remove devices from the charger and place them next to the phone to retry connecting
    4. Restart your phone
    5. Uninstall & reinstall the app
Solutions guides

I hear no sound

Open, then close battery doors. Listen for the power on jingle. If unable to hear the jingle, then replace the batteries. If batteries have been replaced, then take off the click sleeves and change wax guards.

I hear tunnel sound

Increase the treble

The battery door won’t close

Check that the battery is in correctly and that the negative (small) side is facing the lip/ledge.

I hear no differences when after making adjustments on the app

Re-pair the app. Please refer to page 44 on the user guide (Settings ->App Settings->Setup the App). Be sure to listen for the Confirmation Tone (2 beeps/ear).

How do I restart the devices?

Open battery doors for 5 seconds and close (do this twice if pairing for the first time).

What do I do if my hearing aids are damp/wet from running or sweating?

Place hearing aids in drying jar.

Slow and steady approach

Get to know your Signia Silk

Review our Hearing Aid Guide to understand wear schedule, adjustment time and what to expect with your first few weeks with the hearing aids

Your questions answered

  • What if the device doesn’t fit my ear?
    Your hearing aid will arrive with pre-installed size S (small) click sleeves. If those aren’t comfortable, try changing to one of the other three sizes provided (XS, M, L). Choose a smaller size if the hearing aid is pressing on your ear. Choose a larger size if the hearing aid feels loose or makes a whistling noise. Also, note that your left and right ear may be slightly different sizes, so feel free to use different size sleeves in each ear. To learn how to change the click sleeves, check the Product user guide.
  • Is the price shown for a pair or just one?

    That price is for a pair.  These hearing aids are only sold as pairs.

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