Meet the Vibe Air

Vibe Air Hearing Aids


the award-winning virtually invisible hearing aids


Virtually invisible

Virtually invisible

Hiding completely in your ear canal, the Vibe Air hearing aids are virtually invisible

Maximum clarity
& all day comfort

The most comfortable in-the-ear hearing aids you will ever wear with unrivaled speech clarity

Vibe Air

Hearing aids fit for any lifestyle

CES 2022 Innovation Award

CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree

  • After a record-high number of over 1,800 submissions, Vibe Air was chosen as a winner in the Health & Wellness category at this year’s CES Innovation Awards!
  • Instead of focusing on having two microphones, we found a way to determine how the sound changes when it comes from a different direction, using the Vibe Air with One Microphone Beam Technology.

What our customers say

Keith B.
I finally got a quality pair of hearing aids that I could afford!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Keith B.
Sarah R.
So small no one knows I am wearing them!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Sarah R.
Mark S.
Totally comfortable, I forget they are there.
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Mark S.
Jennifer P.
Great price for these tiny hearing aids!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Jennifer P.

Trustpilot Excellent

Hearing aid features

  • Modern super computer
    processes sounds at 3 microseconds
  • Crystal clear sounds
    Provided by our auto-adapt technology
  • Binaural directionality
    to focus on speech, not noise

What you get in the box

What you get in the box
  • Vibe air hearing aids Signa Silk hearing aids
  • Click sleeves Click sleeves to fit every ear
  • Size 10 batteries Size 10 batteries
  • Cleaning tools Cleaning brush and cloth
  • Jewel case Carrying case
  • Guides User Guides

Vibe app

Why choose SoundBright

Why choose SoundBright

In hearing care, it’s all about quality

  • Hand-selected devices

    Hand-selected devices

    Best-in-class quality

  • Personalized support

    Personalized support

    Our team will support you along your path toward better hearing

  • Our success program

    Our success program

    Proven recipe to hearing success based on years of experience

  • Life-changing outcomes

    Life-changing outcomes

    Measurable, life-enhancing outcomes for improved quality of life

Change your life for the better!