Meet the Vibe Eco

Vibe Eco Hearing Aids

Affordable, top-performing behind-the-ear hearing aids


Behind-the-ear (BTE) fit

Behind-the-ear (BTE) fit

The Vibe Eco hearing aids sit comfortably behind the ear for all day usage

BTE hearing aids

Maximum clarity & all day comfort

The most comfortable behind-the-ear hearing aids you will ever wear with unrivaled speech clarity

Hearing aids fit for any lifestyle

What our customers say

Keith B.
I finally got a quality pair of hearing aids that I could afford!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Keith B.
Sarah R.
So small no one knows I am wearing them!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Sarah R.
Mark S.
Totally comfortable, I forget they are there.
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Mark S.
Jennifer P.
Great price for these tiny hearing aids!
Rating 5 of 5 stars
Jennifer P.

Trustpilot Excellent


Simply the best

The Vibe Eco is built by the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer.

Throughout its more than 100-year history, millions of customers have trusted them with their hearing.

The Vibe Eco gives you access to great technology from the best hearing aid maker in the world.

Best value for your budget

Best value for your budget

Focused on one thing only, delivering you better hearing in those important situations.

These hearing aids serve as an essential solution for those customers seeking great performance at the best price.

Heading aid features

Hearing aid features

  • Professionally pre-fitted to your hearing needs before shipping
  • Superior German technology
  • 8-channel signal processing

Vibe app

Why choose SoundBright

Why choose SoundBright

In hearing care, it’s all about quality

  • Hand-selected devices

    Hand-selected devices

    Best-in-class quality

  • Personalized support

    Personalized support

    Our team will support you along your path toward better hearing

  • Our success program

    Our success program

    Proven recipe to hearing success based on years of experience

  • Life-changing outcomes

    Life-changing outcomes

    Measurable, life-enhancing outcomes for improved quality of life

Change your life for the better!